We will discuss some of the JavaScript topics that are tricky & important in the interview question.

JavaScript has one of the most demanding and vast job sectors in the present IT Department. Let’s see some common, important, and tricky JavaScript tropics that are often asked in the interview. Let’s check it out.

Truthy & Falsy Value

Any number value except 0 then javascript auto-tuned it into true. If the value is 0 then it will count as false. Same as for string. All values except null count as true and if the string value is null then it will count as false. Space…

A Small Introduction Of React

JavaScript very well for UI but React sends it to another level. Day by day React becomes one of the most demanding things in the IT sector.

Is React A Framework?

React actually not a JavaScript framework, it is a small library. So to complete something with react we need some third-party library. But React does one thing well and it does tremendously. That is building user interface. So what are the features of a library? They are small and have no limitation, mainly for specific work like UI, with no built-in rules.


In React, components look like a…

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JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages at this time. So, if you are a JavaScript fan then those things you have to learn. Let’s go then.


It's not only for javascript, for all types of language. Comments are mainly used for understanding the code that what's going on in this line or else. That's good but you have to remember that the fewer comments are more efficient easy to understand the code. Most newcomers are doing explanatory comments for more details that make the code scribble and hard to read. So you have to concentrate on it…

Understanding the fundamental concept of Number type Variables

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JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in this modern tech century. So why it is so popular? Hmm… A very common question. I will take about it in another day. Let's jump into the number type variable or in short form var.

There are various types of variables, one of them is Numeric or number. Suppose var data= 12; is a number. You can say hah…I can see that. so what is the evidence? In that case, we need typeof. Let’s check it out.

var data = 12;console.log(typeof…

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